IEEE/ACL 2006 Workshop on Spoken Language Technology, Aruba Marriott, Palm Beach, Aruba, December 10 - 13, 2006


The workshop will take place at the Aruba Mariott Hotel in Palm Beach. Registration information will be posted around July 30th.

Aruba is located in the heart of the southern Caribbean, 15 miles off the coast of Venezuela. The average temperature is 82 degrees F (28 degrees C), and has modest annual rainfall (16.1 in/40.9 cm per year). The island lies outside of the hurricane belt. There are many things to do in Aruba, including water sports, hiking, shopping, and nightlife.

Arriving in Aruba

Arrival in Aruba is best accomplished by air; direct flights are available from the UK, Holland, US, Canada, Caribbean, and South America. Aruba's main airport is the Queen Beatrix International Airport, which houses international arrivals, and separate US and International departure buildings.

Aruba is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Passports are generally required for entry (NOTE: a recent change now requires US and Canadian travelers to have valid passports when traveling to Aruba.) Visas are required for visitors from some countries, but not others: travelers from most (possibly all) EU countries, the US, Canada, and Japan do not require visas. Check this list for more information on whether a visa is required. If you need a visa, according to the website "Visa applications should be submitted in person at any Embassy or Consulate (diplomatic missions) of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The diplomatic mission will process a visa in 2 working days. If a visa application is forwarded to Aruba for more information, or if you are a member of the military, the process will take 10 working days." Note: these guidelines are for informational purposes only; you should check with your local embassy/consulate for full details.

Once at the airport, there are several options for getting to the hotel, including car rentals, taxi transportation, and bus service.

Driving directions

From Queen Beatrix Airport: Follow the signs to Oranjestad/Downtown. Continue on L.G. Smith Blvd., following the signs to the hotel area/California Lighthouse, for approximately 3 1/2 miles. The Marriott is on the left.


The taxi terminal is in the front of the airport terminal. One-way taxi fare to the hotel is approximately $20; all rates are per taxi, not per person (maximum of five passengers). Additional charges are incurred on official holidays and after midnight.


There is bus service on the island. Check back for more information on what routes to take to get to the hotel.

Travel Insurance

Before traveling to Aruba, you may want to purchase travel insurance. This will cover expenses related to trip cancellation, travel delays, lost luggage, medical expenses and more.


The official currency of Aruba is the florin; US dollars are also widely accepted. ATM machines on the island, which dispense florins, are connected to the CIRRUS and Plus Systems.


Aruba follows the North American standards for electricity: 120 volts, 60 cycles, and uses the same plug type as in the US and Canada (typically 3-pin grounded plugs).

Baby Sitting

The Aruba Marriott offers a baby sitting service. The form is available here.

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